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Does Uniglo- financial only assist with payroll solutions in certain sectors?

No, Uniglo can assist you with a payroll solution in every sector such as: Engineering works, Pharmaceuticals, Contact Centres, IT, Mining, Power and Water Generation, Finance, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health, Research, Logistics and Automation, but not limited to.

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record or EOR is a third party or external partner of a company, hired to take responsibility for formal employment tasks. They ensure that the legal requirements of immigration, employment, and payroll.

What is a Professional Employer Organization PEO?

A Professional Employer Organisation or PEO, works with small businesses to help them manage aspects of payroll such as taxes, some HR functions and other employer related administrative tasks necessary for running a business. PEO’s enter into co-employment arrangement usually involving all of the clients existing employees on an outsourced basis.

What if I or my staff have been offered a position abroad, but the company/client does not have a registered entity there?

Uniglo’s key business model is partnering with various lawyers and accountants globally and through our partner network we can provide Employer of Record Services that offers full work permit/visa sponsorship and employment.

Who can you assist with employment/payroll options?

We assist Recruitment Companies, Freelancers, Corporates, MME’s SME’s. We have many freelancers and contractors working in various industries around the globe. We require the terms of the contract & salary, and we can set you up within 24 hours.

Which are the advantages of using an Employer of record?

We reduce the administrative burden such as arranging all work permits and visas, offer compliance in terms of the host country’s labour and tax laws, give our clients a larger international platform through multiple partners, and the convenience of quick set- up with no red tape.

Are there any limitations?

We do not have a minimum or maximum employment period. Whether you are going to a 2 month or 2- year stint, we can assist!

I have been working with Uniglo Financial for a few years now and their knowledge on the compliance and taxation laws around the World are second to none.

Phil Johnson

I have worked with Uniglo Financial on numerous occasions and found them to be a valuable asset in assisting contractors with their independent payroll solutions.

Pritesh Patel

I used the services of Uniglo Financial whilst contracting in Germany. The service was first rate and I would have no hesitation in recommending Uniglo to any other IT contractor working abroad.

Eric Donald

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