work permit sponsorship

Work Permit Sponsorship

Work Permit Sponsorship

Looking for a reliable solution for work permit sponsorship? Our Agency services solutions consist of packaged components from a select few specialist local service providers within taxation and payment, immigration permissions, and local employment. We deliver legal and regulatory compliance, operational excellence, and consistent service levels across regions and functions.

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    Work & Residence Permits

    Uniglo Financial’s work permit sponsorship solution offers a full Letter of Introduction (LOI) and Business Visa service in most countries. As part of our online pemit to work solution, Business Visas/Entry Permits will be arranged prior to the candidate’s departure and then transferred to full local Work Permits as soon as possible after arriving in-country. The fees for arranging the Business Visas, LOI’s and Work Permits are to be paid before the applications are made. If the Work Permit application is unsuccessful the fees will not be reimbursed.

    PEO/EOR services

    Whilst locals are easier to employ/hire, many companies opt not to deal with the administrative hassles of HR functions such as payroll and tax compliance. They outsource the employment to local companies know as PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations) or EOR’s (Employer of Record). Companies do this for several reasons, namely: not having a registered entity in the country, wanting to mitigate risks, they do not have sufficient quotas, overheads or only wanting to hire people on a per project basis. Expats can also be hired by EOR’s and will provide all the necessary support for applying for a work permit

    I have been working with Uniglo Financial for a few years now and their knowledge on the compliance and taxation laws around the World are second to none.

    Phil Johnson

    I have worked with Uniglo Financial on numerous occasions and found them to be a valuable asset in assisting contractors with their independent payroll solutions.

    Pritesh Patel

    I used the services of Uniglo Financial whilst contracting in Germany. The service was first rate and I would have no hesitation in recommending Uniglo to any other IT contractor working abroad.

    Eric Donald

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    We tailor a solution to suit your needs depending on your personal situation.

    We utilize our global infrastructure to hire and pay your supported employees and contractors.

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