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Global Business Solutions

Uniglo Financial specialises in providing global business solutions and managing global mobility programs for a variety of internationally based companies. That means sorting all the ‘red tape’ associated with visas, salary packages, tax, currency, and accommodation.

We specialise in providing fully outsourced corporate payroll, sponsored employment, insurance, Offshore Company setup, and immigration services solutions for over 30 countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Our team can provide you with a plethora of options when it comes to global business solutions that can help speed up payroll calculations and thus making businesses more efficient. With our year of providing international payroll solutions, all our partner companies trust us to deliver the results they want.

Uniglo Financial can also source the best international accounting services to advise you to ease the process of foreign contracts, thus saving you time and money. We offer completely free, no-obligation quotes on advice on how to reduce your international tax bill.

We also work with a network of highly skilled and experienced accountants who can assist with your limited company accounting domestic and abroad. If you need administering services for your limited company affairs, then our Limited Company Service solution is right for you.

Uniglo Financial is your go-to business solutions provider with global reach!

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    Work Permit

    Our Agency services solutions consist of packaged components from a select few specialist local service providers within taxation and payment, immigration permissions, and local employment.


    Our contracting services can assist you with e.g. the legal aspects of contract handling with the End Client, billing services as well as debt collection if required.


    We can provide contractors with legal, tax efficient, and compliant solutions in any country they are domiciled by utilizing Uniglo Financial products.

    As well as servicing clients internationally, we also have clients in and around cities around Australia. Here’s a few places where our valued clients have found us from:

    I have been working with Uniglo Financial for a few years now and their knowledge on the compliance and taxation laws around the World are second to none.

    Phil Johnson

    I have worked with Uniglo Financial on numerous occasions and found them to be a valuable asset in assisting contractors with their independent payroll solutions.

    Pritesh Patel

    I used the services of Uniglo Financial whilst contracting in Germany. The service was first rate and I would have no hesitation in recommending Uniglo to any other IT contractor working abroad.

    Eric Donald

    Our Latest Work

    Take a closer look at the work we have done for the multitude of clients we have helped from around the world.

    We tailor a solution to suit your needs depending on your personal situation.

    We utilize our global infrastructure to hire and pay your supported employees and contractors.

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