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International Payroll Company

International Payroll Company

We are an international payroll company that offers the most reliable international payroll solutions where our specialists will ensure that you are set up to legally work in your selected jurisdiction and ensure that you keep as much money as you are legally entitled to.

We tailor international payroll solutions to suit your needs depending on your personal situation. Our contracting services are the front end of our services where we assist you with e.g. the legal aspects of contract handling with the End Client, billing services as well as debt collection if required. It is the basic building block provided by Uniglo Financial and why we are one of the most trusted international payroll solution providers in the world today.

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    The Advantages of Our Contracting Services

    As a certified international payroll company, using our contracting services limits your liabilities and exposure when potentially being confronted with claims. It also provides a hassle-free service where you can concentrate on the job knowing that you have a support team behind you handling the business side of the contract.

    At Uniglo Financial, we do not stop at simply handling the contract but will actively assist in finding a replacement contract in case the current role is about to end.

    A Wealth of Opportunities for You

    We have a close relationship with a network of recruiting companies who operate world-wide. We actively share information you allow us to share with just one goal and purpose: more exposure and therefore more potential business coming your way. We work in close co-operation with a preferred recruitment office who on our behalf maintain the relationships with the network of recruiting companies.

    Depending on your situation you may already have a company established or you might wish to use a Personal Service Company (PSC). Even in those cases it can be beneficial to use our contracting services. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

    I have been working with Uniglo Financial for a few years now and their knowledge on the compliance and taxation laws around the World are second to none.

    Phil Johnson

    I have worked with Uniglo Financial on numerous occasions and found them to be a valuable asset in assisting contractors with their independent payroll solutions.

    Pritesh Patel

    I used the services of Uniglo Financial whilst contracting in Germany. The service was first rate and I would have no hesitation in recommending Uniglo to any other IT contractor working abroad.

    Eric Donald

    Our Latest Work

    Take a closer look at the work we have done for the multitude of clients we have helped from around the world.

    We tailor a solution to suit your needs depending on your personal situation.

    We utilize our global infrastructure to hire and pay your supported employees and contractors.

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